Last article, we mentioned the importance of web hosting services. Some people, like me, think that getting a good web hosting just means choosing the right kind. We tend to ignore an important component – maintenance. 

As someone new to websites, I used to feel that maintenance wasn’t necessary, especially for my server. I might need to change the contents of my website but what changes can I make to my web hosting? 

  • Minimise getting hacked

One of the most important reasons is to minimise the number of times your website gets hacked as well as quickly restoring your website after it gets hacked. 

No matter how simple or unpopular your website is, it will get hacked. There are many cases where people don’t believe someone will hack their website but it happened. It causes great inconvenience to you as well as your audience.

Your website might be down for many days or you might see unwanted content on it. Without proper maintenance, you’ll have to look for your web hosting provider every single time you get hacked (it’s more often than you think). Some providers might take a few days to reply to you. The charges are also higher as compared to getting a maintenance package.

If you want to get a better understanding, you can ask your service provider to show you the number of times your website gets hacked in a month. Some might tell you.

  • Removal of spam files/bot files

Spam files and bot files take up space in your server. The higher storage will affect your website’s speed if you don’t clear them frequently. 

The bot files might also override your website and change it into something entirely different. I’m sure many of you had seen, for instance, a restaurant’s website showing anything but food. That’s the consequence. These files can also prevent you from receiving important emails.

  • Website data backups

Backups are always good to keep just to be safe. If you ever decide to move your website to another web hosting service provider, keeping a backup is really useful. 

If you do the three points separately, it’s extremely troublesome. Thus, look for a web hosting service provider that offers you maintenance packages that, at least, covers the points above. It will save you money, time, and hassle.