Isn’t it frustrating when your product or services might be really good but no one wants to buy them? Attracting customers is always a problem businesses have to tackle. With so many people going online now, it became a good place to create your presence. 

What will make people buy things online? Here are some reasons why I figured I bought things online. 


First, have a user-friendly website or system. It doesn’t need to have a fantastic design but it should be comfortable for viewing and easy to navigate. If your viewers don’t know where to click to find what they want, that can be quite a put off. 


Subscription is a good way to engage your customers and get them interested to keep buying your products or services. There were times when I immediately thought of a certain brand when I needed a certain product. 

Thinking back, it might be because of their newsletters. I don’t read all of them but if the topic is interesting, I’ll still click on it. Because of that, the brand name probably got remembered by my subconscious mind. 

Engagement on social media

Social media platforms are a good way to attract customers too. When I see someone who @ a certain brand in their post or review this brand saying that it was good, it inclines me to click and check it out. 

Some brands repost or comment on people who tagged them and this gives off a good impression to their customers. My friends gets more motivated to tag the brands too whenever they reply to them. 

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